Lock Rosin Disposable (2ml)


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Brand: Cart Farm
Volume: 2 ml
Airflow: Bottom
Resistance: 2.6 ohm
Voltage: 3.5v
Oil Intake: 2.75mm x 10mm
Dimensions: 57*33*17 mm

Materials used:

Tank: PFA
Center post :
Coil: Ceramic
Tip: PCTG (press on closure)


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The refinement of  postless solid concentrate disposables.

The Lock is the culmination of a 2 year search for a postless hardware that could vaporize exotic concentrates like pulverized diamonds in sauce or lotion consistency rosin.  This cutting-edge disposable vape boasts a redesigned brick-style gravity-fed atomizer, ensuring enhanced feeding for optimal enjoyment of your favorite extracts. Coupled with a robust 300mAh battery, a physical on-off switch for added control, and an automatic low voltage preheat feature, all housed within a compact 57mm x 33mm x 17mm body; the Lock Postless Disposable Vape is designed to meet the unique demands of concentrate enthusiasts who prioritize both performance and convenience.

Redefining the  Postless Disposable

Revolutionize your concentrate vaping with the Lock’s postless design, eliminating the consistency constraints of a vertical center post. The Lock focuses all its engineering efforts on its amazing low temperature brick style atomizer,  following the doctrine our well known iCell first established with its heavy hitting coils.. The redesigned brick-style gravity-fed atomizer facilitates a seamless flow of rosin and resin concentrates to the heating element, maximizing flavor retention and vapor production. Embrace the simplicity of vaping without the mess and complexity often associated with wax pen devices – the Lock 2ml Postless Disposable Vape is tailored for an elevated and hassle-free experience.

Portable Solid Concentrate Atomizer

The 300mAh battery ensures a powerful performance, providing ample energy to indulge in prolonged sessions with your favorite concentrates. The widely distributed modern USBc charger affords quick and convenient charging using the same cables as your favorite devices. Equipped with a physical on/off switch, the Lock puts control at your fingertips, allowing you to conserve battery life when the device is not in use. This feature not only enhances user convenience but also ensures that your Lock is ready to deliver exceptional vaping experiences whenever you need it.

Functional Rosin Atomizer

Experience the convenience of automatic preheat functionality, a low voltage warm up cycle performed for 5 seconds after powering the Lock on. The Lock’s automatic preheat feature ensures that your concentrates are warmed to the perfect viscosity, resulting in a smooth and flavorful vapor. Whether you’re a seasoned concentrate enthusiast or a dedicated cartridge cultist, the Lock 2ml Postless Disposable Vape promises an unparalleled and customizable experience tailored to the unique demands of rosin and resin concentrates.

Discover a new level of satisfaction with the Lock 2ml Postless Disposable Vape – where advanced features, compact design, and unparalleled convenience converge to create a vaping experience tailored to the unique demands of rosin and resin concentrate enthusiasts. Unlock a world of flavor and control with the Lock Disposable Vape.

Additional information

Weight 100 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in

Regular, High Volume


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