gCell2 (1.0ml) – Updated Glass Cartridge






Volume: 1.1 ml

Airflow: Bottom

Resistance: 1.4ohm

Oil Intake: 4 x 2.0mm

Materials used:

Tank: Glass

Center post : Glass

Coil: Quartz

Tip: Stainless Steel/PTFE (Screw in coil closure)

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Reintroducing the best all glass cartridge.

Cart Farm’s new and improved gCell 2 is a game-changer in the world of bottom-fill glass cartridges. Not only does it offer an innovative glass body design that’s easy to fill and cap, but it also functions flawlessly with a wider range of modern extracts. The gCell 2’s increased inner diameter and improved shelves prevent oil blockages and messy spills during filling, while its cap with recessed intakes speeds up the cartridge’s priming time. Additionally, the gCell 2 boasts a stronger overall design thanks to changes in the wall thickness of its glass tubing. This, along with the cartridge’s larger diameters that provide more space for oil to re-wick to the coil, ensures that the gCell 2 is sturdy and leak-resistant.

The Simplest Full Glass Carts to Fill

The gCell 2 has a much easier filling experience thanks to its increased inner diameter. There is much more space for the filling needles, and the improved shelves of the gCell 2 wick the oil to the bottom of the cart much faster. This prevents frustrating oil blockages and messy spills while filling. Another change the gCell 2 brings is the cap, which has recessed intakes to speed up the time this cartridge takes to prime.

The Sturdiest Full Glass Carts

The gCell 2 also brings changes in the wall thickness of the glass tubing in the cartridge, creating a stronger overall design. The larger diameters also provide more space to oil to re-wick to the coil, eliminating clogs and reducing leaks. The gCell 2 performs better than the already high performance gCell, pushing the envelope of what bottom fill glass cartridges can accomplish.

The tastiest cartridge

Perhaps most impressive of all, the gCell 2 delivers unbeatable flavor thanks to its fritted quartz porous structure and teflon seals that keep the concentrate’s flavor intact by not interacting with the oils in the cartridge. Unlike inferior coils, the gCell’s coil lasts four to five fills before needing a replacement and thousands of firing cycles in total. And despite all of these amazing features, the gCell 2 is also the most affordable all-glass cartridge on the market. Quartz delivers amazing flavor because it is conductive and non-reactive. Unlike  silicone seals in other cartridges that leach into oil, the gCell boasts teflon seals keep the concentrate’s flavor amazing by not interacting with oils in the cartridge. Don’t let your quality flavors be ruined by a low quality coil. Finally, the rugged gCell lasts four to five fills before needing a coil replacement.  The gCell lasts thousands of firing cycles, thanks to quality internals.

With all of these strengths, the gCell seems like a miracle cartridge! It is, and this is the best price all glass cartridge on the market too. Cart farm wants you to have your cake and eat it as well.

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 in


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