iCell 2 Improved Ceramic snap-top (0.5ml)



Brand: Cart Farm


Volume: 0.5 ml

Airflow: Bottom

Resistance: 1.1ohm

Oil Intake: 4 x 1.5mm

Materials used:

Tank: Glass

Center post : Ceramic

Coil: Ceramic

Tip: Ceramic (press on closure)



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The long awaited full ceramic snap top cartridge.

The iCell 2 is a ceramic body snap top cartridge is an update on the classic iCell allowing for more modern (thicker viscosity) blends. The capping force has been lightened, the apertures have been doubled, and the ceramic has been strengthened; allowing for a spectacularly versatile workhorse cartridge.


Redefining  Ceramic Cartridge

This full ceramic cartridge is the evolution of the first glass tank snap-top on the market, truly revolutionizing standards for mass-produced cartridges. Before the ceramic snap-top design, cartridges that were press on had plastic tanks leading to risks of the cartridge body leaching with high terpene blends. Thanks to iCell’s superior materials, leeching is not an issue with higher terpene concentrations. The iCell 2 is assembled with a two-piece glass and ceramic tank so it doesn’t react with volatile essential oils. The iCell have made heavy, slow arbor presses a thing of the past. Now a cartridge maker can arm their team with cheap and speedy 12 mm socket wrenches to cap carts just as fast as a cart farmer can fill them.


Lead-Free Vape Cartridge

Many industry leaders like CCell, AVD, and iKrusher are switching to ceramic and Stainless steel. Why? Because lower-quality metals utilized in past cartridge production caused heavy metals test failures. The engineers at iCell decided to skip traditional metal posts all together when planning the iCell 2 and opted for ceramic. iCell cartridges performed extremely well on a 60-day metals test that can be seen here.

Hardest hitting extract cartridge

The 4 “I” shaped horizontal oil intakes at the base of the cartridge gives iCell 2 its namesake. Since the inlets are designed low and wide, they increase the surface contact area of the ceramic coil. Thanks to the larger surface area, more material can flow into the coil, leading to bigger hits. Because of the larger exposed surface area of the coil, operators can load a larger variety of extracts into the cartridge than the normal iCell 2. Now nothing is too thick for the iCell 2.


The professional’s Snap-top cartridge

Since filling and capping is only a two-step process, the iCell 2 makes life simple for medium to large filling operations. The redesigned flat caps of the icell 2streamline use with capping machines and leather cutters, allowing a single operator to fill and cap far more efficiently. Two man teams can now have the capper filling more roles as their job has been massively simplified thanks to more modern techniques. Check out the detailed iCell filling instructions here.


In conclusion, the iCell 2 is one of the best value disposable cartridges out. When the creators of iCell 2 engineered this cartridge, a pleasurable filling and vaping experience was the end goal. From the metal-free body construction to the easy-cap tips, the iCell 2 is built to please everyone in the life cycle of this cart.

Additional information

Weight 45 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 in


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