iCell Full Ceramic snap-top (1ml)

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Brand: Ascent

Volume: 1 ml

Airflow: Bottom

Resistance: 1.1ohm

Oil Intake: 2 x 2.8mm

Materials used:

Tank: Glass

Center post : Ceramic

Coil: Ceramic

Tip: Ceramic (snap on closure)


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The first full ceramic snap top cartridge.

The iCell is a ceramic body snap top cartridge that has redefined disposable cartridges. Everywhere people vape, all-white carts have been popping up with their accompanying massive clouds. With iCell’s lead-free (and metal-free), hard-hitting, and easy to cap design, its no wonder the iCell is a cult favorite!

Redefining  Ceramic Cartridge

This full ceramic cartridge is the first glass tank snap-top on the market, truly revolutionizing standards for mass-produced cartridges. Before the ceramic snap-top design, cartridges that were press on had plastic tanks leading to risks of the cartridge body leaching. Thanks to iCell’s superior materials, leeching is not an issue. The iCell is assembled with a two-piece glass and ceramic tank so it doesn’t react with volatile essential oils. The iCell have made heavy, slow arbor presses a thing of the past. Now a cartridge maker can arm their team with cheap and speedy 12 mm socket wrenches to cap carts just as fast as a cart farmer can fill them.


Lead-Free Vape Cartridge

Many “industry leaders” like CCell, AVD, and iKrusher are switching to ceramic and Stainless steel. Why? Because lower-quality metals utilized in past cartridge production caused heavy metals test failures. The engineers at ascent decided to skip traditional metal posts all together when planning the iCell and opted for ceramic. Ascent cartridges performed extremely well on a 60-day metals test that can be seen here.

Hardest hitting extract cartridge

The twin “I” shaped horizontal oil intakes at the base of the cartridge gives iCell its namesake. Since the inlets are designed low and wide, they increase the surface contact area of the ceramic coil. Thanks to the larger surface area, more material can flow into the coil, leading to bigger hits. Because of the larger exposed surface area of the coil, operators can load a larger variety of extracts into the cartridge.

The professional’s Snap-top cartridge

Since filling and capping is only a two-step process, the iCell makes life simple for medium to large filling operations. First, the operator first injects their extract using a flat, large gauge needle. Second, the operator must cap these cartridges within 5 minutes of filling to ensure optimal coil saturation. Check out the more detailed iCell instructions here.



In conclusion, the iCell is one of the best value disposable cartridges out. When the creators of iCell engineered this cartridge, a pleasurable filling and vaping experience was the end goal. From the metal-free body construction to the easy-cap tips, the iCell is built to please everyone in the life cycle of this cart.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 in

1000 pcs, 100 pcs, 500 pcs

11 reviews for iCell Full Ceramic snap-top (1ml)

  1. Dinah Wampler

    thank you for these awesome ceramic carts

  2. Dave Wright


    what quick cartridges these are.

    i have tried all of your products and these are the easiest to fill in my opinion.

    they also vape the best.

    have a great day 🙂

  3. Adam mantilla (verified owner)

    Very good cartridge just wish it was refillable

  4. Precious

    Woah! I’m really loving the design of this cartridge.
    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s difficult to
    get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and
    performance. I must say you’ve done a superb job with this.
    In addition, the cart caps very quick

  5. C Ow (verified owner)

    Purchased 100x pack, for some reason only one oil intake hole appears to be absorbing the oil and the coil seems to be struggling. Alot of the times it will taste dry and burnt unless it’s preheated having to prime it over and over, bubble stays at the one hole resulting in dry hits. Lots of complaints, Possibly a defective batch, as this has never happened before with the hardware. 6-8% terps used.

    Order #2265 for reference.

  6. C O (verified owner)

    I purchased a 100 pack maybe 2 weeks ago. I’m having problems with the carts only absorbing oil through one oil intake hole. This is causing the cart to not stay primed as a bubble will sit at the one intake hole. From there you get burnt/dry hits since the coil is nit absorbing oil. I’m not sure if I got defective ones or not, but the coils don’t seem to be fully working. This did not happen in previous batches. Lots of complaints from people unfortunately.

    Order #2265 for reference, I use 6-8% terpenes.

  7. Collin Patterson

    These work exactly as well as advertised and knowing that they are lead free gives me a lot of comfort compared to other products on the market, so it definitely justifies using them as disposables. It was never intended to be refilled, but I really wish it was!

  8. Ryan (verified owner)

    These carts work great. Mouthpiece snaps on firmly. They vape well, fill easily, look great.

  9. Reviewer #007 (verified owner)

    Best ceramic cart for the money hands down

    Best hitting atomizer at this price point

  10. Shane (verified owner)

    Love this product. Love it. No leaks, easy to seal the cap and always hits hard. They aren’t refillable, so yea don’t give them a 4 star review because you ordered the wrong item. This is a great product.

  11. CARTMANE (verified owner)

    Perfect for terped distillates, awesome product!

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