Avurt Precision Press-Tops Bulk Listing (1000 pack)

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Manufacturer: Avurt

Airflow: Bottom

Resistance: 1.3ohm

Oil Intake: 2.0mm

Materials used:

Tank: Plastic (Push top)

Center post : Stainless steel

Coil: Ceramic

Tip:  Plastic Barrel (Push top)



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Quick Access to pre-racked 100 tray press top cartridges.

This is the Easy Access Listing for the Avurt Precision Press Top system. The Avurt Precision Press top system is notable, because of it’s usage of the best coils in the vapor industry, bar none. The conventional aesthetics of the plastic bodied industry standard are instantly recognizable and makes one wonder how Avurt survived the great Clone Purge in the Summer of ’21. The answer is functionality and practicality. Firstly, Avurt Precision Press Tops lean heavily on their beautifully engineered 3 stage pressing system to ensure a smooth and accurate cap. Finally, Avurts have the lowest defective rate in the industry thanks to their source, the One True Factory™.

The original ceramic coil push top cartridge.

The industry standard plastic bodied 510 thread push top cartridge has long had issues with counterfeits and clones. It is the most cloned cartridge in the industry, due to its high performance, rugged, and reliable design. This style of 510 cart produces the fullest hit in the market, with amazing flavor resolution to the last drop of concentrate. Out of all the cartridges the One True Factory™ produces, this one is the most ubiquitous and has the largest market share. The One True Factory™ spends millions on R&D to ensure that their coils are able to continue to lead the way on vape technology.


The Fastest way to Fill and Cap 100 Carts


The Avurt have made doddering, slow arbor presses a thing of the past. Now a cartridge maker can have a single capping employee keep up with up to two cart farmers. As long as the press can handle 8 tons, one can cap 50 carts, adjust the tray and cap the last 50 in less than 2 minutes. With a 15 ton precision press, this time can be cut down substantially using only one pass. Here are some helpful videos detailing the capping process:


Lead-Free Vape Cartridge

Here are the Certificates of Analysis of the Avurt cartridge ensuring a top tier experience beyond compliance:


In conclusion, the Avurt is the pinnacle of Vape research and development, allowing for a classic 510 vape experience while still filling and capping extremely quickly without compromising on end usage quality.



Additional information

Weight 426 oz
Dimensions 28 × 8 × 13 in

100pcs Sample, 1000 pcs box, 10000 pcs case


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