Advanced Wolkentek “V” Viton Seal (0.5ml)

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Brand: Wolkentek

Volume: 0.5 ml

Airflow: Bottom

Resistance: 1.3ohm

Oil Intake: 3 x 2mm

Materials used:

Tank: Glass

Center post : CARBON CERAMIC

Coil: Quartz

Tip: Ceramic (screw on closure)



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Most advanced refillable ceramic cartridge.

The Wolkentek “V” is the newest iteration of the wolkentek ceramic body twist top cartridge. The Wolks decided not only to hold the glue for this cartridge, they also upgraded the standard silicone to terpene resistant viton!

Highest quality Cartridges PERIOD

This cartridge revolutionizes the already revolutionary wolkentek refillable ceramic cartridge. Our cartfarmers love the refill-ability,  performance and flavor delivered by the wolkentek cartridge, leading Wolkentek to double down on their refillable, heavy hitting, reliable cartridge with Viton seals. Viton allows fillers to utilize oils with volatile concentrations in excess of 10% without worry of the seals breaking down or absorbing terpenes.

Updated Quartz Coil

The higher quality ceramic coil in the Wolkentek with increased inlet space allows for more even oil vaporization than our famous iCell. This powerful coil can vaporize an even wider variety of concentrates and with an even better flavor resolution.  With the new Wolkenteks, cartgardeners and cartfarmers alike can revel in the absolute bleeding edge of cartridge tech.

The Most Durable Ceramic Cartridge

A cartridge that physically breaks is a cartridge that can’t be vaped. Wolkenteks answer to the inherent fragility of the full ceramic cart design is a polished cubic zirconia body. While twice as expensive to manufacture over our traditional ceramic cartridges, this cubic zircoia is 5 times harder. The Wolkenteks are more durable to help survive tight pockets and accidental drops.

The First Glueless Disposable Vape Cartridge

Glue isn’t cool, even if it doesn’t touch oil. Wolkenteks are the first glueless vape cartridge, for a purer and higher quality vaping experience. Make sure to fully depress the glass tank on the gasket seat to ensure no oil loss during filling.

In conclusion, the Wolkenteks are the top quality ceramic carts money can buy, at a lower cost than comparable cartridges like gCell and cCell. When the Wolks at Wolkentek engineered this cartridge, the absolute best vaping experience was the end goal. From the metal-free body construction, to the easy-cap tips, the Wolkentek is sure to impress with it’s top quality performance.



Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 in

5 pcs, 10 pcs, 20 pcs, 100 pcs

6 reviews for Advanced Wolkentek “V” Viton Seal (0.5ml)

  1. Andrew

    Just filled 100 of these for patients, all the carts were slightly different sizes, making some full gs look full and others like it was missing oil. The viton seals/the design of there seal was a pain to deal with, a bunch of em wanting to twist or having to run a thin object around the seal so it would go inside the cartidge. On top of that the caps themselves to actually screw on was work and a half, I’ve never had to press down so hard on Cartidges in order to get them to screw on and then it was trying multiple caps in order to find one that worked with the cart and screwed on easily. Finally after filling them all and getting them capped, im getting multiple reports of the cartidges leaking through the mouth piece within one or two uses or getting clogged and you need to suck a hole through the oil in the air flow path.

  2. The Tetraguy

    I had similar issues to Andrew’s problem, these are much harder to screw on without the gasket getting all wonky. Took an extra 10 minutes (per 100 rack) to double check and redo a couple carts (20ish) that didnt seat in properly.

    It is performing better in my oxidation test compared to the silicone gasket version.

    The caps need to be fixed, i had about 15 tops that didnt work out of 500. It really was about 30 caps, but i was able to mix some around and and get them to work on other carts.

  3. Joe

    Unfortunately half of the mouthpieces shipped wouldn’t fit on my carts, making them useless. And yes, I pushed down hard on the cap for the viton seal.

  4. Joe

    Unfortunately half of the mouthpieces shipped wouldn’t fit on my carts, making them useless. And yes, I pushed down hard on the cap for the viton seal.

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