The Ceramic DabDart (98 pack)


  1. Glass Body
  2. Ground Glass Slip-tip
  3. Viton Sealing
  4. Ceramic Plunger


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Ceramic Plunger Syringe

The Ceramic DabDart (CDD) is a large glass syringe with ceramic plunger, viton sealing rings, and premium high-friction luer slip-tip. The glass and ceramic body construction and viton seals allows one to utilize high terpene concentrations without  fear of leaching. This dabdart has the best flavor preservation of any syringe, while also being one of the fastest and easiest concentrate packaging to fill.

Why Viton?


Viton does not react with terps, allowing for long-term storage without fear of leaching. Viton has better sealing properties as well, leading to better terpene preservation. If you want your concentrates to taste the best, choose the Ceramic DabDart!

Why Ceramic?

Ceramic doesn’t leach heavy metals into concentrates like the lower quality stainless used in metal plunger systems. Cart Farm was the first to design and market ceramic plunger syringes, so beware of knockoffs!!!

DabDart Usage:

  1. Melt your extract using High heat (90c)
  2. Pool extract to one side of it’s container and place the nozzle of the cart gardener into the extract (a needle can be used)
  3. Pull back on the glass plunger to draw your extract into the cart gardener.
  4. Put the nozzle/needle into the tank of the cart you plan to fill
  5. Depress the plunger to apply your extract.

It’s that simple. Become the master of your oilpen and achieve portable nirvana!

Additional information

Weight 56 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

2, 5, 10, 49, 98, 196, 490, 980


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